No Live logging on Rachio Sprinkler Valve actions

Finally Got my Rachio valves now defined in the New Smartthings App. My problem is that the valve actions are not captured by SmartThings. If I start a sprinkler from the App I can see the Sprinkler valve actions in the SmartThings Live Logging. However if the sprinkler is started from Rachio (app or scheduled) there is no Live Logging occurring. I have used this functionality for the last couple of years to capture water flow data from each sprinkler valve using WebCore pistons which wait for each sprinkler valve changes.

Came here searching for the same thing - I used to be able to see the valves and switches turn off and on in SmartThings when triggered from the Rachio app and/or timer. That no longer seems to be the case. Did you find out anything?



Still working with support. Sent screen shots this morning. Will post results.