No Firmware Update

Well it’s 4:15 EST and my hub still reports V 000.016.00009. What’s up with that?

It’s being rolled out, but every hub can’t get it at the same time. :slight_smile: Mine is still on '09 as well.

Check tomorrow morning and post if it still isn’t updated.

Also, others are reporting that their hub reports the new FW after a reboot. But if you reboot while the hub is trying to download the update you’re just going to slow things down for yourself…

I plan on rebooting tomorrow sometime if my hub isn’t showing the update.

I was going to reboot it, but I would hope it does it on its own. I did give it almost double the time before checking.

I bet it has to do with it being on graph-na02-useast1

I rebooted from the IDE utilities and got the update, I am in the Northeast.

Rebooting worked for me. Thanks for the suggestion.

Sure enough rebooted and .00013 is there. :+1::+1:

I had to reboot to get the update.

They sent that email about the batteries. Mine were toast and corrosion is all over the compartment and contacts. The hub and batteries are less than 6 months old.

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Thank you @Rooster9376! After I saw your post I looked and sure enough battery compartment was a mess. I had never bothered to check because it is hooked up to a UPS, but strongly suggest everyone check on their batteries.

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It will have to be cleaned and I hope it still works reliably on backup batteries after cleaning and battery replacement. I’m going to let them send me the new batteries before I replace them. That’s just crazy. I can’t believe mine didn’t catch fire as bad as it looks.

11:27 ET here, no update until a reboot from IDE. After the reboot it’s showing .13

The original email stated that version 0.16.12 would be loaded. Does anyone know why the version on the hub is .13?

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I had to reboot my hub as well. Will we continue to have to manually update our Osram bulbs in the IDE?

Seems to be a trend. I had to reboot to get mine to get it to update. Several others have said they had the same issue.

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Thank you, SmartThings.


It would have been helpful if the email had said “You will have to reboot your hub because we forgot to implement the auto-reboot feature”.

Hard to tell if it was an intermittent fail of a reboot command, or if they had scheduled the reboot for the middle of the night to avoid service disruption. None of us were patient enough to wait. :slight_smile:

Either way, correct, a little more communication on that would have helped.

The email version listed was in error. During the OSRAM beta test they released version 16.00012 to a small subset of users. This version includes the battery fix (that was not released in the beta) and was therefore numbered 16.00013.

I had a similar issue. I didn’t request batteries from Smartthnings but used Energizer batteries because they have a no-leak guarantee. I think found out about that here. Might be a good idea in case it happens again…

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