No control is working for me :(

I have:

I can’t control anything… none of my routine works, the alexa integration says “okay” then does nothing. Clicking on/off on the ST app also yields nothing.

I tried power cycling the devices, the ST hub, disabling/re-enabling Alexa skill, not sure what else to try… I initially thought it was just Osram bulb being moody, but it also affected the GE switches and ST plugs. Interestingly, the contact sensor on fridge and motion sensor is working fine. It’s like all the Things are stuck. When I power cycle the things, it typically blinks (pairing mode) but none of them do that now, they just comes back to the previous state. Help?

Edit* this started yesterday after work idk why.

Any output in Live Logging?

There are a few folks reporting similar symptoms recently, so be sure to contact … they are the only ones who have the official stats and can track and escalate this appropriately.

While it could be a corrupted ZigBee or Z-Wave mesh, the odds that both are broken are really low, unless the Hub is having a hardware failure or… a firmware issue.

Either way, the only way for you to really diagnose this would be to tear everything down and start over; but I wouldn’t recommend that until you get some advice from Support.

Try a Z-Wave repair (while watching the Event Log of the Hub in the IDE). At least that will attempt to diagnose the Z-Wave network.

And disable Device Health: I still don’t trust it, and it might be mucking up stuff.

Check through all the recent Topics on the Forum to find ones that seem similar. Best to try to consolidate if possible.

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Staring at the live logging and trying to trigger something.

the top is from asking alexa to turn off all lights.

bottom is when i manually trigger the fridge to open and clicking the GE on/off

Disabled the device health.
Running the Z-wave network repair doesnt show up in the log, and its just circle of death on the phone app.

I’ll reach out to support thanks.

Just a reminder that Z-Wave repair output isn’t shown in Live Logging. It’s only shown in My Locations / Hubs / Events.


Ooooooh I learned something new - thank you!


Through the api, sent order to reboot, repair z-wave, and enabled zigbee OTA for lights… Didn’t solve the problem sadly.

Having similar issues with ZigBee devices specifically. All have been offline for about 2 days now. Tried reboots, repairs, removing and adding back. Nothing seems to work. This is in a Gen 1 hub.

I should also add I’ve contacted support and no response. They are usually pretty quick so I think something has gone wrong.

This makes it even less likely to have issues, as Gen 1 Hubs have not had (many) firmware updates.

I’m guessing 10% to 20% of SmartThings households are still on Gen 1 Hubs.

Hmph: I hope Support gets back to you so the pattern, if any, becomes clear.

This morning around 4/5am the hub disconnected and reconnected. Everything is back to normal now yay!

I’m guessing some update got pushed or something.

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It works now wooo. I think another update early this morning

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