No blinking green?

Hi, SmartThings newbie here, sorry if this has been asked/answered before but I am not finding the answers I am seaching for.

I am a recent convert from Vera to SmartThings, I chose to move over to SmartThings as it is easier to program and a better user interface. I am already happy I made the switch, my home automation system is already better than it ever was with Vera.

Now I am trying to add my second garage door to the system. Ironically I did my first garage door and it was a fairly painless process. Now that I am working on the second door I seem to be having more challenges than I did with my first door?

Here are my issues:

  1. I am unable to include/pair my new Ecolink tilt sensor with the hub. The first one was very easy, pressed the + on my phone to connect a new device, put the battery in the Ecolink, and SmartThings found it right away. This time around the hub can’t find the tilt sensor. I have went through exclude/include process 3 or 4 times now and still no luck. The hub refuses to see it. I am also not getting a blinking green on the hub when I hit the + connect now? I have paired a couple new devices recently, not sure if the green was blinking when I connected those devices.

  2. The second issue is changing my relay from on-off to a momentary contact. Last time I found a link in one of the threads taking me to a window where I could change the device type to virtual momentary contact. Now I can’t find the page that allows me to reconfigure this device as a momentary contact. Last time around I used the Evolve LFM-20, this time around I am using a Linear FS20Z-1 but I believe these are exactly the same device, just different packaging/labels/box color, at least it appears that way.

Let me know if I should expect the blinking green whenever I try to connect a device, and please point me to the web page that allows me to reconfigure the relay as a momentary contact.

Thanks so much,

Is the link you are looking for. Just find the contact and change it to momentary.

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Thank you Jody. That did the trick.