No Amazon Echo in either apps

I have SmartThings working with then Amazon Echo using their Alexa App so thought I had no issues.

I bought a SmartThings outlet which cannot be picked out by the Echo.

Trawling the forums, there was comments about the Amazon Echo under SmartApps… I however do not have this option so shows no amazone Echos?

How can I add this functionality?

You do it in the Aleaxa App.

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Hi Rontalley,

I have done it in the Alexa App but discovery does not find the ST outlet?

If you have completed the steps in the Alexa App, then you should see the Alexa App in SmartThings under Automation then SmartApps.

From there, if you have added the Plug to SmartThings, you should be able to open up the Alexa App in SmartThings and select the Plug so it can be discovered by Alexa.


Thanks, for the info, I disabled the skill and reconnected. I now have the Smartapp in the ST App.

Thanks for your help and now picks up the outlet