No action on subsequent event

I have created the following an automation

if [cube] rotation < 0 then set [bulb] brightness by level -15

when I rotate the device twice my device emits two messages

emitting event: {“attribute_id”:“rotation”,“state_change”:true,“state”:{“value”:-73},“capability_id”:“winterdictionary35590.cube”,“component_id”:“main”}

emitting event: {“attribute_id”:“rotation”,“state_change”:true,“state”:{“value”:-30},“capability_id”:“winterdictionary35590.cube”,“component_id”:“main”}

both of them are displayed in the device history, but the bulb is dimmed only once.

Is there any flag for an event that will force the action to be performed as many times as the number of events has been emitted?


I think it may be the Routine that is the problem.

Although the current documentation only shows ‘less than’ in the underlying Rules API, there is (or was) also a ‘falls below’ and I am pretty sure that that (or a similar construct) is how ‘< 0’ is actually being implemented.

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This is interesting, I was able to replicate the behavior. I’ll ask the corresponding team about it and let you know their feedback.

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