NHL Game Notifications [BETA]

Okay, I just committed another release (0.9.3). Not a big change, but it should not report a goal if it happens in overtime and ends the game.

As always, you can update from the link at the top of this thread.

For the Coyotes/Ducks game I got the following on my live log. No updates afterwards. I am on the latest version

6:03:50 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘teams’ on null object @ line 561
6:03:50 PM: debug Anaheim Ducks vs Arizona Coyotes - game is on!!!
6:03:50 PM: debug Current game status = 3
6:03:50 PM: debug Requesting Ducks game schedule for 2017-02-20
6:03:20 PM: debug Checking game status again in 30 seconds…
6:03:20 PM: debug Anaheim Ducks vs Arizona Coyotes - pregame!
6:03:20 PM: debug Current game status = 2

Thanks for all your hard work on this app!!!

I submitted a quick change that should address the NULL exception introduced in the last release.

Working again!

Thank you!

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Quick hint on how to connect s3 to smartthings?

Once you get them connected to your network (I used their Pure Connect app to set them up), then you can use the Generic DNLA Renderer to connect them to smartthings hub.

Thanks, yeah I set that up it searches but never finds the speaker.

I’ll have to tinker with it.

I’m missing something obvious. Time to go read the thread again.

Oh, make sure your network router has UPnP turned on … I believe it uses UPnP to discover the DLNA device on the network.

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Couple of weird things for me tonight. I have it set for the Caps. I’m getting double triggers. It fires again right after the first one. Also on the last goal after playing the second time my Sonos started playing the last station I was listening to.

I have it set to flash 5 times and play 15 seconds on my Sonos.

Okay got my speaker working. :slight_smile:

When I manually trigger the horn to test it plays the whole sound file no matter what I set the time limit to?

Now just to get some lights set up. Stupid work keeps getting in the way.

Not sure what could be causing the double triggers unless you have two instances of the app running for the Caps (or another one running who where playing the Caps - but the messages would be different if that was the case).

As for the Sonos issue - for playback with duration set I call playTrackAndResume (which has a paramerter for duration) and that might explain it). I’m guessing by resume, it starts where it left off. I’ll look at addressing it.

Hmmm … I’ll test it tonight. Just to understand, what values did you set it do?

It started at 30, then 20 then I think 15 is where I quit changing it.

I’m pretty sure. Let me look quick.

This is what I was adjusting. It seemed to both me and my wife like it played the whole file no matter what I set it to.

I was triggering it with the goal test button , which is a virtual pushbutton button I made.

I was just tinkering trying to learn and set it up.

I’m looking at the code for the DLNA Renderer and it seems like there might be some instances where “stop” does not get called (which is required in order to stop after a specified duration). I’ll see what I can do to duplicate since we are using the same speaker (the sonos could very well not have this issue because it’s driven by different device code).

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Just an update after last night’s game,

Everything worked like it is supposed to. Very nice. My only issues were:

It does not control the length of the audio play back.

My delay after a goal is very long. I’d say 10 seconds , probably more. That I’m sure is specific to me.

So strange thing, I got the duplicate messages last night … caught the debug trace for one, not sure it still makes sense to me, need to spend some time with the code. Also, when I tried manually triggering the horn, I see it get cut short when I set a duration. I think the DLNA Renderer has default delays when first setup, I think I modified those to remove them. Go to the configuration of your Speaker device and see removing the delays helps at all.

DUH!! I should have thought of that.

Thanks, I’ll check tonight.

I didn’t get any automated notifications tonight. Since I haven’t been getting any lately, I deleted the app and reinstalled. I’ll see what happens during the next Sabres game. For now, they’re working again.

Just have to buy my goal lamp!

I was looking at getting a bloom or 2 for this. Does the bloom connect directly to smartthings? I don’t want another hub.

I have my Blooms through Hue, but there are people who have them directly connected.
I had my Hue setup before I got ST.

@sgnihttrams, you have an Iris directly connected if I remember correctly, right? Have you added others since then?

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