Nexx Garage Door Opener

I see Nexx is available to add in SmartThings under NexxHome if searched by brand. When selected a screen for linking accounts appears. Will this integration be effected by the Groovy shutdown?

Cloud integrations are not affected.


I’m not following all this as closely as some but I don’t think it’s that easy.

My understanding is that cloud integrations which show up in the IDE as devices type “placeholder” are using the new architecture and thus will work after The Great Migration.

I’ve still got a Logitech Harmony cloud integration which populates Activities as device type “Harmony Activity”. This one is toast and since Logitech has totally abandoned the Harmony line there won’t be an official replacement.

I’ve also got Honeywell WiFi thermostats which show up in the IDE as “placeholder” and so I expect them to continue to work.

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This is correct.

With that said, I’m pretty sure Nexx was added as a Schema C2C integration, so it shouldn’t be affected.