nextPage in dynamic pages does work when linking back to the page it came from

I’m trying to define a nextPage in my SmartApp using the following

dynamicPage(name:“newMonitorRulePage”, title: “Create a new monitor rule”, nextPage: “setupAppPage”, uninstall: false, install: false)

setupAppPage is the main page from where a href is used to open the newMonitorRule page:

dynamicPage(name: “setupAppPage”, title: “Main Page”, install: true, uninstall: true)

from which it calls:

href(name: “NewMonitorRule”, title: “Click here to define a new rule”, page: “newMonitorRulePage”, description: “”, required: false)

But the newMonitorRule page shows “Done” and never the “next” page option.

However it works if its linked to a different page (not setupAppPage), the issue only appears when sending it back to the page it came from (in this case setupAppPage).

@slagle @Jim is this a known issue?


Thoughts here? :slight_smile:

I can reproduce this one.