Next few weeks might be interesting

Been waiting for this for a few weeks now and can’t wait to try out the PlantLinks I have.


Any news on plant link? Waiting on integration to pull the trigger to save money on the base

We have a device type and service manager that has been submitted and in review for publishing. Just a few minor things to work out and we can release it.

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Great news!! Can’t wait!

This means we will not need the Plantlink base unit, only the sensors themselves?

That is correct, @pdudley

I am very excited about this! Having to have a text message sent from PlantLink to my IFTTT to ST has been a very non-convenient project :smile:

What going on with PlantLink and ST? any update been a few weeks and nothing??

I ordered a few plant link probes without the base- hope this integration happens soon…

I’ve got it working at my house. Just a few issues with tile display to work thru.

Is this all hashed out now? I order one based on this thread and just got a tracking number and would like to get this PlantLink to work with ST when it arrives.


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In the meantime while searching for any new news on integration, I did find the Oso SmartThings github repository with complex device type and smartapp in the works.

I will work hard to get this out this week. The one you linked to is a bit dated and doesn’t include a service manager.


Thanks Ben! Thanks…

Ben, any free time to look into this yet?

Testing tomorrow. Forum Pro-tip: Throw an @ in front of names and they will get notified (@ben) :smile:


@Ben How did the testing go or is it ongoing? Thanks looking forward to this get rid of hub?

@Ben Curious if you got it working. I have a Plant Link in my hands right now and I don’t know what to do with it. :smile:

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I’m still testing my own device type code. So far I think I’m not getting timely alerts.