Next Developer Call will be on 04/08/2015 - Guest : Jeff Hagins

@garyd9 gotcha. I’ll make sure he addresses that.

@yvesracine : the current beta(s) we have established are : Device integrations and now mobile versions of the app. We do tap in with community members on creating specific device types for us, and will soon have also a way for them to test those. … in terms of certifications through community made device types and smartapps… that we’re evaluating on our end. SmartApp approvals have been slow on our end. There’s a huge bottleneck in resources. We’re alleviating that. I’ll honestly admit, that until those people fully integrated, it’d be a while until we tap into community to check both smart Apps and device types. We certainly will be viewing HOW , also. The upvote/downvote system, when integrated, will be helpful in those cases.

to avoid all the issues we had with 1.7, just even having the mobile beta will help majority of those issues. Thus, check your mailboxes really soon, within this week, as I reach out to you to assist us in participating in these mobile betas. Alternatively, if you, for sure, really want to help identify these bugs for us and try out the new updates prior to release: PLEASE let me know, and reach out to me by PM or email. I’ll be sure to include you.

Also, check what my buddy @mager said:

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