Nexa AN-196 two channel on/off

Nexa AN-196 is a two channel on/off switch to be mounted behind the wall switch. After installation it works pretty well using the wall switch.

Pairing it with the v3 hub using provided QR code also went very smooth, but ( there is always a but ) :slight_smile:

Samsung app only shows one channel which effectively means that only one channel can be used from the app. Also, the app exposes a “dimmer” function that is not are part of the device.

WHAT to do ???

Hi Lars-Göran

The SmartThings hub recognises the Nexa an-196 as a generic Z-wave Device Multichannel instead of the correct device type Z-wave Dual Switch. So all you have to do is to change the device type to Z-wave Dual switch, SmartThings will then show two switches and it will work as it should.

Hi and thanks for the response.

How do I change the device type?
I can’t se that option in the new app.

Den mĂĄn 2 nov. 2020 20:24Elias via SmartThings Community <> skrev:


You have to log in to the Web interface through and then Devices. Find your an-196 device in the device list, access it and click change and there you will be able to change the device type.

Did you find it?

Den tis 3 nov. 2020 09:11Lars-Göran Lindström via SmartThings Community <> skrev:

Yes, and I fixed it. I am very grateful for your help. Cant thank you enough.

Did you find a way to change the configuration of the device from momentary switch to toggle switch?

In the device there is no Settings entry in the menu (like it is for Fibaro devices for example).