Nexa AD147-2 Dimmer Mini Plug - How to add


I have noticed there isn’t any good guide for how to connect your Nexa AD147-2, Dimmer Mini Plug to your system, so I decided to write one here. Please move it if I put it in the wrong section, I’m not too familiar with this site, my apologies. Also, please let me know any mistakes I may have made.

You will probably (if at all) get it identified as an “Everspring Remote Control” which is incorrect of course.

Before you get started you might need to remove the “Remote Control” from your devices.
If the system won’t let you, you need to remove it manually by removing it’s child buttons first, and then removing the parent. All this can be done from the Smart Things webpage under My Devices.

The solution to add the plug is as follows:

  1. Copy all contents from the .groovy file found here (link to raw file, just copy everything)

  2. Login at the Smart Things webpage and go to My Device Handlers. Create a New Device Handler, and choose From Code. Paste all the code from the .groovy file here and save.

  3. Add the fingerprint line below to the code, for example at the bottom of the other fingerprints.
    It’s not my idea as you can see, I found the idea here.

  1. Save again and publish. Now the app should be able to detect the unit and it should function as desired.

Good Luck!