Newly built home - exterior lighting advice and a few other questions

Moved into a newly built home, have researched and would greatly appreciate direct advice on HOW to upgrade the house to personalize it for us.

Here’s what I’d like to start out with but need advice on what I need to purchase/install to make it happen:

  • The house already has some cameras on the front (zmodo?) I would like to incorporate with the accent lights on the front of the garage when someone pulls in.
  • control led accent lights on front of garage - turn on when the sun sets, turn off after a few hours, and also turn on if someone comes to visit or we let the dogs out. Also turn back on in the morning an hour or so before sunrise
  • auto turn on overhead light between garage and shed when we go between the two buildings
  • We have a couple acres in the back with flood lights on 3 way switches aiming back, would like these to come on with motion and turn off after 30 mins or so
  • would love a driveway alarm to let us know if someone is pulling in the drive, perhaps tie into the front of garage lights and front door lights, plus cameras, when someone pulls into driveway
  • turn on front porch light if someone pulls in driveway after dusk
  • garage door openers are myq compatible but not set up, can these be controlled through SmartThings app?
  • vault room under front porch - would like a sensor to control dehumidifier if moisture is present (gun/ammo storage) and let me know if there is condensation on the ceiling
  • house is approx 1500 sf main level plus same in basement, hobby shed is 2500 sf insulated, metal exterior and interior but would like to get WiFi out there if possible
  • there is one existing Schlage smart lock already in place, may add more to other doors
  • if we use SmartThings, should I order the hub or the router?
  • last thing, we received an acurite weather station for Christmas, is it possible to mount this and monitor it remotely?

Sounds like a great place! :sunglasses:

What country are you in? (Device selection and available features do vary somewhat)

What’s the exact model of the Schlage lock?

Do the accent lights have a switch or a remote that turns them on and off now?

When you say “if someone pulls into the driveway“ do you mean just anyone like a visitor? Or do you mean a specific someone who lives in the home?

How far is the shed from the house/garage?

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Schlage Z Wave
The accent lights are on 3 way switches, one in laundry room as you walk out to garage, the other is by the exterior door heading out of the garage
And I mean if we have guests come over or deliveries, etc.
The shed is only 10’ away from the house on the garage side.

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First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.” :wink: If you spend any time in the forum, you’ll find out pretty quickly that “model number” means the whole model number. Not “the red one” or “the zwave one” or “ The one that looks like this“ with a picture. The actual model number, including any suffix.

The model number should be on the device somewhere, if necessary open the case and look near the batteries.

Do you currently have a Z wave controller/hub for that lock?

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No controller yet for this lock, I will edit this reply with model # when I get back home.

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Schlage P516-765 model BE468

Ok, that should work fine with most zwave controllers, including a SmartThings hub. :sunglasses:

What other switches or sensors do I need to purchase for all the other items on the list?