Newest st Motion Sensor

Do I need the new app to add the latest Smartthings motion sensor or can I use the classic?

Also, what kind of battery does it take?

you can use the classic app

batteries are CR2450

one advantage of the new app with the new sensor is you can pair via QR code. You can pair via the new app and use with both apps.

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I have renamed some sensors in the classic app but their new names are not transferring over to the new app. How can I correct that?

What if I add a device using the classic app.? How do I get it to show up in the new app?

if you add a device in the classic app it will just appear in the new app.

sometimes if you rename something in one app the change doesn’t show in the other, not quite sure why that happens, but you can just go ahead and rename it the same in the other app.