Newer generation Hue bulbs don't respond to ST color triggers correctly?

So I’ve been converting our house to Hue bulbs slowly but surely over the past couple years, picking up a bulb here and there. As a result, I have ended up with multiple generations of bulbs. Overall, it’s not a big deal … although there is some significant color differences in the 3rd gen, especially in green. See the photo in this article – honestly, it doesn’t even capture all of the detail in contrast … it’s even more stark than what is pictured: (additional view, latest gen is the bulb on the right:

In any case … that’s all manageable #firstworldproblems … but what I noticed is that when I create a SmartThings rule “Turn On & Set Color” and use “Soft White - Default” as the choice (i.e.: the color you should get when you turn the light on at the wall switch) … it doesn’t actually achieve that color. What I get is actually off a bit, it’s got a faint hint of bluish or greenish to it … but you can definitely tell it’s not the default soft white. Flicking the wall switch off and then on confirms it.

I’m guessing this is a device handler thing, where the ST device handler for Hue bulbs only views them all as the same … so they all get sent the same color code for “Soft White - Default” … but for this case, that color code appears to be wrong.

Has anyone figured out a workaround? Using the standard ST smart lighting app, there doesn’t seem to be a way to pick a specific color hex code.

(alternately, I could try doing this via CoRE … if I knew what the right color code should be)

I highly recommend this option.

The implementation of setColor() in each Device Type Handler (Hue vs Lux vs etc.) is not consistent.
setColorTemperature() is a separate Command.