Newbie successes

I thought I’d report my own limited successes as someone new to smartthings, or any home automation for that matter. I bought the start-up pack on Saturday and have been playing ever since (work aside)

Initial setup involved entering the code and getting an invalid response. even at 9.30pm on a Saturday night I got excellent support from Jake and was up and running within an hour. Initial setup allowed my to turn on and off a lamp I was sat next to using my phone - result!

I now have the following operating (with a few little glitches, reported to support)

motion and door-opening triggering alert on phone when Smart Home Monitor is alarmed
automatic arming of Smart Home Monitor as my phone becomes ‘away’, and disarmed on return
dining room light activated by movement. off without
panel heater providing backup heating below 16 degrees C (I need another outlet for this, but successfully tested)
Dining room light comes on when I open the front door after 6.30pm
Knock on door trigger notification on phone - ‘Knock knock’

so I’m very happy despite minor bugs. All I need is a moisture detector and sounder / siren and I’ll be pretty much set for my immediate needs

UPDATE. Bug fixed this morning - automatic arming of security now works when I’m away
UPDATE 2 Bug fixed - light turning of with no movement after 5mins. now working


Thanks for sharing Alec, we love to hear when customers feel empowered, and are able to get their things up and running as desired. Be careful, home automation can be addicting. :wink:

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I appreciate it can be difficult when people are moaning constantly, but it would be great if you could address some of the problems we are all facing publicly, as well as the positives.

I’m really excited about what can be done with ST beyond the early bugs in the UK but it would be great to hear what’s happening to sort them out.


You may already be considering this one but the fortrezz siren is quite popular in the community and does have a European zwave version:

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Jake is a badass (way better than @Chuck_Norris) and Kelsey is a drug pusher.

Me… I’m trying to steal the fun (and better accented) customers from the US support team. If you come across anymore questions, etc., we have local email ( and live chat available at from 10:00-19:00 BST Monday through Friday. Same level of support, slightly different (maybe better, maybe worse) spelling.