Newbie, remodel and overwhelmed. Of course

(Michael) #1

Hello, I have my home office down to studs and have a few questions about what to buy if I want to go with Smart Things. Probably simple for such an incredibly gifted group but daunting given the cost of buying the wrong things or worse having my wife say, “see I told you so.” So, if you’re ready let’s go…

1.) Bookshelf and above lights and under counter will all three be LED strip lighting.
-Do I need the Zurik LED magnetic Dimmable driver on each (above,under and bookshelf will all be on different circuit)
-What in wall dimmers will work these locally and allow me to use the app?
-Can they simply be hard wired in with the electrical or do I need to plug them in and use a plug like the Evolve LOM-15 120 VZC 15 AMP Duplex Wall Switch or the Intermatic HA01C.

2.) a new can light 4 inch with a MR16 bulb I assume it will also need a similar wall dimmer as above?

3.) I know you don’t know but when is the new HUB coming out and can I install plugs and dimmers and add the HUB when the new one is out?

I really appreciate your help and though we probably won’t meet, rest assured you will be of great help to me and I will pay it forward when I get a little more up to speed on things.