Newbie question: Can a device handler get the status of another device

I am new to ST and would like to check the status of another ST Multi Sensor in my custom device. Is that possible if so how do I reference that device, via network id?

There are “hacks”, but this is not SmartThing’s recommended model.

Please reference the documentation first (I hope you have?)…

The way Devices are meant to interact is only through SmartApps, because that gives the Customer full control of which Devices view or control other Devices (via the SmartApp Preferences and Code).

For example, if a Customer wants to allow a “Presence Sensor” to unlock a “Lock”, they have to explicitly permit this in an “Unlock when I come home” SmartApp; rather than putting any information about the Lock in the Presence Sensor or Lock DTH.

I have reviewed the docs. I was afraid that was going to be the answer. Do you have any information about these hacks? I understand how it would be user friendly and the security features of only allowing access from a smartapp but my device is for my own use not for the public so I don’t care that I hard code in this device.

No… because they are “hacks”, it would be irresponsible to perpetuate them; but perhaps other community members may feel otherwise.

What’s wrong with using the recommended model (i.e., via SmartApp(s))?


The problem is probably because I am new. It seems messy. I have all of these devices and some are real and others are virtual and they are all mixed together. I’m just trying to limit the clutter.

I share your feelings Eric. While I hate the additional taps, I am trying to train myself to start utilizing the Rooms functionality within the ST app to see a more clean view of everything.

Another alternative is to look at utilizing a dashboard like SmartTiles or the soon to come Open-Dash.

Ah… well, trying changing your perspective!

It is a whole lot less “messy” to use the product & platform as it was designed to be used, rather than try to come up with a way that seems simpler to you (even if it may be actually simpler in the short term).

The separation of Devices (Things) from each other with all interconnectivity being done via SmartApps (including “super SmartApps” like CoRE) may not be the perfect architecture, but it has a lot of good attributes and, certainly arguably, inherently manages clutter, rather than making things worse though hidden ad-hoc interconnections inside Device Type Handlers.