Newbie, Looking to turn on/off outlet 2x / day based on changing schedule (based on tidal chart)?

Newbie here: Custom Automation needed

Looking to turn on/off a outlet 2x a day based on a unique schedule (basically going to use a tide chart, I
will provide the times), Want to turn on 2 hours before High tide and shut off 2 hours before low tide (tide changes by about 1 hour every day, so cannot use a set time) , Will need to do for about 60 days duration.

Any suggestions or sample apps I can use to get started ?

Thanks in advance,

Interesting project…

Use something like this to load the tides into a Google calendar

(note you may need to shift the data two hours at this point because of your use case…)

Then use the gcal search smart app to read the Google calendar (will basically be a sensor that is on during high tide)

Use webcore to react to that data and turn on / off whatever you’re triggering based on the state of the tide sensor.

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