Newbie help with wake up light and sound please

So I’ve had a play around with a few things, I consider myself capable but I am struggling

I purchased amazon dot, ST kit, Philips hue lights and a nest, all are working on their own and I have some functionality through Stringify too.
I have a Sonos and have got that doing a level of automation albeit basic
I purchased the neet airstream after reading the media renderer post here. I have it connected but I can’t get it to play anything via ST. Air play works fine.

What I want to do is to go to bed, tell Alexa good night and have her turn everything off and set the thermostat to 15c. This I have managed fine.
I also want to be woken in the morning to “nature woodland sounds”(I have a track already on a dlna nas drive) and have a gradually increasing light.

I can’t get the sound to play at all.

And when alarm time comes round the Philips hue turns on to 1% but this is so bright is as much of a shock as an alarm!

Someone must have already none this!

Why am I struggling so much ?

Please help me.


Hey Steve, First q. Have you integrated all the items into ST hub? The Hub is the center of it all. I see that the Neet Airstream is not functioning, did you look at IDE apps or GitHub apps? Only guesses, I do not have one. But what I have done is integrated my garage w/ an IDE app from Github and I am trying to work on my Tivo.

Yes, all connected to the hub and visible in smart things, using media renderer (git hub ide smart app) and media player (git hub ide device handler) I just can’t play anything via ST. I also came stream from dlna to the neet bridge, my phone needs to connect to the neet AP to have control but the neet AP cannot communicate or pass through to the nas (probably due to the different sub net they are on,

Really I just need suggestions on a speaker that will do what I need as even the sonos wont allow me to play a specific track, only the last thing I played( maybe I could do something with a custom playlist but ideally I’m looking for a cheaper solution as the wake up alarm will probably be the only use for it)