Newbie help - Garage door sensor/controller

We had a previous system installed by our alarm company that is made by Honeywell called the Lynx. Anyhow, it cost a ton and their interface is terrible. So I got the Smartthings v2. All of the items we had already work great with it, but I’m not sure if the Honeywell garage door system will work or not so I have not switched it over from the alarm system yet. This is what we have already installed, so I would REALLY prefer that we can use it with the Smartthings hub.

Here is a link to the Honeywell product:

Will it work? If so, what do I need to do to set it up? I am relatively tech savvy, but 100% new to this system.


The kit contains two pieces - a relay receiver and a siren. The siren is Z-Wave, so it might work, although it may need a custom driver. The relay receiver however is not Z-Wave, so it won’t work.

It looks like the siren is actually the Fortrezz SSA-01 Siren. Hopefully I connect that with no problem. So I need a new relay receiver & tilt sensor? Or just the relay receiver? What exactly would you recommend?