Newbie help! 2 Hue Bridges - Automation routines and Leviton outlets

Hello everyone,
Thanks in advance for your help - I’m a newbie with Smarthings.

I am heavily invested in Hue - including sensors, dimmers, taps and an array of various bulbs/fixtures. In order to make it all work properly, I am running 2 Hue bridges.
I have recently started using ST so I could expand automation capabilities. My first foray into automation was to trigger Leviton outlets when a particular Hue bulb came on. This worked fine with only having 1 Hue bridge linked to ST. The outlet powered very quickly after the bulb activate - regardless of how the light command was sent (hue dimmer or ST).
The need to link both bridges to ST became tricky, so I found Penner 42’s Hue and Improved app which allowed me to link both Hue Bridges and all my bulbs to ST.

What I have found is that with the new app, the outlet now takes much longer (2-3 minutes) to activate after the bulb powers on. Testing revealed that if I activate a Hue bulb via ST, the outlet powers instantly but if the bulb is activated via Hue dimer/tap/sensor, there is now a long delay for ST to activate the outlet.

Sorry for the long post… I’m guessing this is an issue related to the new app & Hue not speaking to ST as quickly as it did with the ST standard Hue app?