Newbee here, looking for some help with Yale YRD240 lock

Hello everyone,
I have a Yale YRD240 with the Z Wave module. It is paired with the hub and that all seems fine. I can unlock and lock the door. But I was wondering what else I can do. What do I need to setup codes, change codes, lock codes, setup guest temporary access and so on. I see things telling me to get another app, but the marketplace it is telling me to go to is not available in my app. I’m guessing I have a different version than what the post is talking about. Thanks.

With smart locks, you can basically set up codes

There is a paid app that offers that and much more:

Marketplace is only available in the SmartThings Classic app


What app are you trying to get? Anything that’s not in the Marketplace can be added through custom code, and it’s easy to do.

I found a Yale post:

  1.   Open your SmartThings app
  2.   Tap Marketplace in the bottom navigation bar
  3.   Tap SmartApps
  4.   Tap Safety & Security
  5.   Tap Smart Locks and install 

I’m guessing it is referring to the classic Smart things app, further I’m guessing I do not have that. How do I tell the difference to know for sure. Based on what I have read so far, I have the new one. If I do how do I get the features mentioned in the Yale post?

Smart Locks is not currently available in the STSC app. You would need to install the Classic app


Here are a couple screen shots of the Classic app:

Go to your respective phone’s app store and install the Classic app. You’ll definitely want to be using that more than the new one (IMHO), unless you have a Samsung appliance that needs to use the new app.


The logos are different for the two apps:

The following thread might also be of interest (this is a clickable link)

And here’s more about how to use custom code with the Classic app