NEWB Question - How to reboot and update Aeotec hub

WARNING: Newb at the helm !

I am experimenting with an Aeotec Smart Home Hub. I have done a bit of reading on the forum and found it quite enlightening. That said, I need to get up to speed on the jargon.

Here goes:

  1. When someone ‘reboots’ their hub, what exactly do they mean? Do they simply power cycle it, or something else ?
  2. After rebooting, does the hub re-synchronise with all its previously re-registered devices or does that need to be done manually?
  3. Does this hub automatically update its own device drivers? If not, how does one prompt it to do so ?

That’s all for this one.

Thanks to all.

Rebooting you hub can currently be done in 2 ways. You can unplug it and plug it back in for a hard reboot. And you can use the IDE to do a soft reboot, but the IDE is supposed to go away soon.

After a reboot all your devices will continue to work with no additional action on your part.

Edge Drivers automatically update on your hub with in 12 hours of the update being posted

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the prompt response.

I had a look at the list of current Smartthings edge drivers, but cannot seem to find one specifically for the Fibaro key fob.

Does that mean I will have to install same on my hub?

(Sorry I have already sort-of asked this question on the forum here FIBARO KEYFOB - Aeotec Smart Hub drivers


Yes you would need to install a driver on your hub, but I don’t know if a driver exists for the Fibaro key fob. Someone else will need to help with that question.

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