Newb board?

Hi, is there a board where a newbie like myself can ask stupid questions without derailing the other higher-level discussions going on? Many thanks.

The only stupid question is the one never asked. You should feel welcome to ask anything you like here. If you feel the subject might be too remedial, do a search first to see if it has already been discussed.


@scottinpollock I agree with you, just ask the question, and if someone can help they will. This is a great bunch of people in this community. Do not be afraid to ask questions ok.

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Aw, thank you. :smile:

@ehnotsomuch oh shut your trap man (SMILE)… Joking of course, But just had to be stated

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Hmm… I dunno about that. I was a working a cash register once, back in 1999. This was the first year that the US mint was doing the State Quarters program. I had a woman come up to me to pay for something… when get got her money out she stared at it for a second and then ask: “Oh… do you take New Jersey quarters?”

That said, we try to be nice here. :smile:

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Should have told her “yes, but they’re only worth a nickel.” (c;

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Ask away…

Speaking of coins, I have 4 dollar gold(ish) coins to a clerk at subway and she had to ask the manager if she could accept them.

I once had a burger king refuse to take my 100 dollar bill. They said they had the right to refuse any currency. They were kind of right, however, I decided to order 100 dollars worth of food, which then they didn’t have the right to refuse legal currency for the transaction… Needless to say, their corporate office updated their policy, only prohibiting accepting of currency over 20 dollars for transactions less then 20 dollars.

Ahhhh, laws…

OK, I’ll ask a newb question. Is ST planning on restocking their MultiSensors? I have checked the shop on the daily and they are SOLD OUT. I checked Amazon and nothing there either except one seller that wants $1999.00. This pricing is just a bit above my pay grade. :smile:

As a solution moving forward I suggest that SmartThings adopt the ability to BE NOTIFIED when an item returns to stock. Many retail websites have this feature which allows one to pop in thier email address and then when the product is restocked an email is autogenerated to the person that wanted to be notified. Selling products is the name of the game right?

** Added benefit ** It would help declutter the forum to an extent. Here’s how -

When someone wants to buy the new Hub V2 and it just says sold out there is no indication when they will be back in stock or that they can get an automated notification that tells them when the item is restocked. So without that information people hit the forums and ask " Hey , whats up with SmartThings they sold out of the NEW hub V2 in 24 hours WTF?" and then the next person jumps on the opportunity to bash and posts " Yeah, I know I cant get my customer appreciation bundle what a bunch of incompetents" ,

et infinium…

Uninformed humans that want something and cannot get it go from rational to whiny bitch in .0002 seconds. Especially in an open forum where they feel entitled.
These bash posts do nothing to enhance the narrative of the original topic and I have seen them practically derail topics. WHY force me / us to read through all of the stacked up hater posts to try and get to something substantive?

Its a win -win . Informs and updates potential buyers while decluttering and creating less work for SmartThings Staff (Initial development aside). Shoot if it was designed really fancy it could update Stock On Hand directly on the Shop website.

Yes, should be available at the same time as hub v2 and worth the wait. :wink:

Thanks for the reply.

Then wait I shall. I have not found any information on the new multi sensors , but from your reply it is inferred that they will have added functionality and be more robust. Thats great! :thumbsup:

You can sign up at the bottom of the blog page for the official smartthings news updates. That should have the announcement on the next gen sensors once they’re available.

As far as I know, nothing’s been announced about the new sensors except they will exist, and they will be physically smaller than the previous generation. I don’t think we can infer anything else until the specs are actually released.

Thanks JD !!! I have been subscribed to the newsletter and updates and have yet to hear anything in depth about the new sensors. I am sure there will be some news released soon.