New Zigbee Device (Securifi Key Fob)

I am happy to report I have it working. I want to thank everyone for their help, especially @Sticks18 and @JohnR. I would not have been able to figure this out on my own.

I used @thegibertchan’s device code for the zigbee three button wireless switch to help finalize the device code. I welcome any suggestions for improvement.

One Note, the buttons are numbered in the order they are numbered from the device
1st - Unlock
2nd - Home
3rd - Lock


Guess I will be ordering one of these :smile:


Thank you @kevintierney and everyone that helped. I just ordered one for my wife. She will be able to disable the Smart Alarm with out the Hated phone app(Not Wife approved!) :stuck_out_tongue:


Are the dimensions really 2" x 1.5" ? With four buttons? That’s tiny! My car fob is bigger than that. :blush:

The Aeon zwave fob is almost twice that size.

One more thought about the Securifi fob: the product description says Internet connection is not required for it to work. Technically true, but not true when used with SmartThings, because the ST hub processes commands in the cloud.

Yes, it is pretty small (though it is a little thick at .6in tall). Here it is next to my cars key fob,

The buttons are pretty small. If you want something to keep on your nightstand or coffee table, I’d probably spend the extra 10$ and buy the aeon minimote. This works well to keep on your keys or in your car (if it’s in a garage) to trigger things. I’m going to give my pet sitter one as well so she can turn the lights on and off easily.

I’ve given up on Ubi, the presence sensors aren’t great, especially living in and apartment, so this is an easy way to call the home/away HH actions without having to pull out your phone


That’s exactly the point. I will sell my SmartSense Presence Sensor, and will give this

to my wife as she Hates using her phone as HA control. Wife Acceptance A++!

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If someone would like to test this with my beta “Buttons As PIN” SmartApp, I would super appreciate it.

I may have to make some code modifications; but one step that would help is if you please define an ad hoc Attribute: numButtons string and set the value to “3” in the Device Handler.

Why bother?
Well… By using my SmartApp (and I’m still open to new features…), a single button press will not activate the function (such as changing mode to disarmed). Instead, a short or long sequence of presses is required. The result?: 2-Factor Authentication (something you have, the fob, and something you know; the PIN / button sequence).


Two factor auth for your home…


Can one of the buttons trigger presence? If so, I’ll grab one too!

It could probably done with a smart app and a virtual presence sensor. The app would monitor for a button press and toggle the virtual presence

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Or just add Capability Presence Sensor to the Device Type for the fob, and an appropriate Attribute and some code around a particular button events to fire off the Presence Event.

Challenge… When do you reset to “not present”? Use another Button? Toggle is dangerous… Too easy to accidentally hit.

How do you get these to join your network? I followed the instructions hit * and the arm all, but i’m not getting anything? any ideas or tricks to this?

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Have you installed and published the custom device type I posted? Once you do, I open the ST app, go to add new and once it’s searching, hold the * press and release the arm. The fob should blink green once and then ST should find it. If you haven’t installed the device type, you may see an unknown thing in your devices list


Yeah, i’ve installed the custom device type, and i did the * and it isn’t connecting or showing any devices.

Is it the press and hold the *, and then press and release the arm, and keeping holding the * until it sees the device?

You definitely release both. I can’t remember if you release the arm first or both at the same time, but when you do, it should blink green once when you release and then repeatedly blink green while it’s searching

What zigbee firmware are you on? I don’t know if it matters, but I am on 1.5.4

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I’m on 1.5.4 as well.

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work. I removed my own device and re-added as a test before I posted the device type and I’ve added a second one since then that paired without issue. Is the keyfob repeatedly blinking green when you put it into pairing mode? Maybe try the reset function and then re-try pairing

> To pair the key fob, press and hold the star button, then quickly press the lock/arm all button for less than 1 second, then release the star button and the key fob should go into pairing mode. The LED will show green momentarily if this succeeded.
> To reset the key fob, press and hold the star button. While keeping the star button pressed, press the unlock/disarm button for 10 seconds. Then release the unlock/disarm button, but keep holding the star button pressed and the key fob will reset. The LED will show green momentarily if this succeeded.

Yeah, i’ve tried both. I have 2 different ones, i must be missing something really dumb. I’ve done this w/ a bunch of other devices so no idea why it wouldn’t work.

I finally got it, i seemed to have to hit the Home button. They are paired now, thanks @kevintierney for your patience.


Good to hear. Glad I could help