New z-wave devices, routes not updating


Received the Christmas gift of 4 new Z-wave devices: two plug/switches (one GE outdoor, one China-brand indoor) and two Aeotec gen 6 repeaters.

All added fine to the system.

Ran half a dozen zwve repairs, and I’m not seeing any of the new mains-powered devices in any of the other devices’ routes. I would have thought with all four being mains-powered, they would be showing up in the routes of other devices. Many are still showing an older siren I have in my system as the only mains-powered device in their route.

Anything different I need to try, or is it just a matter of waiting some time?


Stop trying to force it.

If they work, leave it alone. ZWave routes are different than zigbee routes where each device should be able to route through any of ts detected neighbors. That means the route you see in the IDE is only one of (and the last) repoted route.

That means if everything is working correctly you may never see it in the routing list.