New Z-Wave battery powered switch controls random light

I just added an Aspire battery powered z-wave switch to my hub and added a Smart Lighting automation to control a GoControl zwave bulb in my closet. For some reason, its is also controlling my kitchen lights (which are controlled by an Inovelli switch). I can’t find any reason that the kitchen lights should be affected! Any idea why this new switch would control a light I never asked it to?

Unplug your hub.

If the Aspire Switch still Controls the light, you managed to set up a Z wave direct association. You will need to factory reset the aspire switch ( you can’t use the Z wave tweaker because it’s a battery powered device. )

If the aspire switch does not control the light when the hub is unplugged, then there’s an automation set up somewhere to do it.

Look in history for the light and see exactly what is turning it on and off.

Yep - spot on. It was a direct association. Resetting the switch “fixed” it. It was soooo fast though - I wish I could set up a direct association for the bulb I want to control! The manual for the switch is useless.

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You can if you want to, but it’s actually not the best way to handle things most of the time, because the whole point of direct association is that the switch is allowed to send a message directly to the other device and the hub doesn’t know about it. That means the status won’t necessarily show up in the app and you can’t necessarily trigger other things.

In addition, direct association is an old way of doing things, and it happens immediately every time. So you can’t set any rules around it, like not having it turn on if the baby sleeping or having it come on dim between midnight and six in the morning or whatever. It’s just press the switch, send a message to the bulb. So I don’t usually recommend these days unless you really want to have a back up for when your hub isn’t working.

Interesting. That might not matter in my particular use-case (a closet switch controlling a closet light - speed is important here!) but in general, that makes sense. Thanks for your help!!

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Ugh - this thing is not all that reliable either - I see why its not that popular :).

The Aspire anyplace switch? It was very popular in the past, but in the last two years a bunch of alternatives have come on the market. See the following two threads:

Also, what DTH are you using with it?

This is the only one I’ve found that is battery operated and looks like an actual switch. I’ll go through the links you posted to see if there is another one that fits the bill.

I’m using the Gilbert Chan DTH found here: Aspire Cooper RF9500 Device Type (basic DTH in post 6) - #6 by thegilbertchan - Is there a better one?

There’s a newer one which has better dimming control:

Ah - the Beast is working much better. Thanks again!

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