New Xiaomi doorbell

Anyone think this might have any st integration at all.

Cheap alternative to ring?

Just remember who you’ll be sending this data to…

just dont use the face tagging :slight_smile: especially if you can use it in st

I’m guessing that the device will have to use the Xiaomi cloud unless you can hack it out of the equation. It’s probably safe to assume that’s where the facial recognition is being performed whether you want it or not. :worried:

With that said, the Chinese government probably has the floorplan to my house because of my two Roborock S50s’ laser scans each time they run. (Not that they haven’t hacked that data from some more ‘official’ source.) I’ve read that it is possible to hack the S50s to use your own private server instead of the Xiaomi cloud. So maybe that’s possible with the doorbell.

For what it’s worth, I think facial recognition on the doorbell could be a great feature with the right privacy protections… if such a thing is ever possible.

Okay…?? So they have your face…? And than??

Privacy and internet… Just a bubble…

They will have your face print, your visitors’ face prints, timestamps, geolocation, etc. The more Xiaomi cameras in circulation, the more data they collect and analyze. I guess you’ll have to trust they are only interested in leveraging it within China. Granted, you may be giving similar data to, but it’s a question of who you want to be spoon feeding this data to.

We are monitored anytime anywhere… Here in the Netherlands every shopping Centre Highways. On the streets everywhere cameras. They could do the same… Who knows… So if any chinese company is interested in my head go on… What do they want from me?

I have ordered a doorbell… We will see if I have the Chinese mob at my door. :joy:

Did you grab one? Any good?

Has anyone got this working with smartthings please?