New webCore release

There is little talk of it …
How many have update their webCore?

I’m torn, but I’m interested to the “Fixed hub power source events”.

Much of the content of the recent updates has been sitting around for a year or so in a largely ignored beta release.

A major change has been a switch to asynchronous HTTP but that has caused issues in itself, largely because there were a couple of successful gotchas - unlike with the synchronous HTTP implementation redirects aren’t automatically followed, and the way request and accept content types default has been flipped.

At least one more release is needed to fix the issues versions 111/112/113 introduced so I’d be tempted to hold out for that.

I am just waiting for ‘changes to’ and ‘gets pushed’ equivalents in the Rules API to be either implemented or documented, and then I can pretty much bail out. OK one or two pistons using arrays to make the code less repetitive will remain for a while.


Ok, I had read that there were some problems and I was just waiting for this …