New(?) Way To Monitor A Dumb Deadbolt Lock

I have just completed a high tech version of something I did in another house long ago, before any of us had wifi.

I am now using an Ecolink Door/Window Sensor to determine if the conventional deadbolt lock on a back door is locked/unlocked.

I embedded a micro lever switch in the door jam next to the deadbolt. The switch is wired as normally open.
The next step was to wire the switch to the Ecolink, which is mounted on the wall next to the door moulding.

When the Deadbolt is in the locked position, it presses the switch, which in turn closes the contacts on the Ecolink.

Now when we want to make sure that door is locked (at night or when we are away) we can just look at the ST app instead of going to the door to check it.

Might even have it text me just before bedtime if it is still unlocked.

Does anyone know if I can use an alternate DH or some other method to have this show up in ST as Locked/Unlocked instead of the generic Open/Closed?



Easiest thing to do is go to the ide and create a new DH. Use the template for an open/close sensor and Change the wording to lock unlock

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Have never done that sort of thing before, but when I have some time later I may give it a try.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Would you be able to share pics of your setup? I’m trying to do the same thing but I’m a little lost on how you installed the micro level switch.


I really want to do the same, but here we have pesky Euro locks (which is a bit of a misnomer since I’ve never seen them used anywhere but the UK). They have two locking elements - the “lift to bolt” where you lift the handle and 4 or 6 bolts slide into position the whole height of the door, and then turning the key stops those bolts moving back down, as well as sliding a deadbolt over.

It’s all metal construction too, so no drilling holes in things to drop switches in. I think a microswitch on the deadbolt aspect would work, but there is literally millimeters of room in the deadbolt “cavity”

I’ll try to find some pics and port them a little later today.

There’s also this:

I don’t think it can currently output to lock/unlock. But a while ago the developer added a smoke detector output based on a request from the community. Not sure if locks could work with that universal dth but doesn’t hurt to ask.

I posted some instructions with pics here:

Some other community members have done similar projects. These can work very well for cases where you just want to monitor the door rather than actually unlock it. :sunglasses:

You can check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki and look under project reports for the list of locks and the list of gates to see other projects if you’re interested.