New voice assistant ( for smart home. What devices should it control?

Hi Smartthings community,

Let me introduce you to Cubic – your AI Butler for smart home. Cubic is an app to control smart home appliances with a combination of voice and graphics.

While we build the main product, we also added little apps to Google Play to see how people actually use their devices with voice. The first app is for Philips Hue lights:
The second pilot app is for Nest thermostat, which we will release in a week.

Now, we have to decide what to connect next. Maybe it should be Smartthings?

So, we have three questions to all Smartthings owners:

  1. What kind of devices do you have?
  2. What devices need everyday manual control?
  3. What devices do you want to control with voice?

Thank you!

Many of us use voice with SmartThings. Some people don’t. But if you like voice there are a lot of choices out there. There is an official echo/smartthings integration which works very well. Some people use yonomi with echo to get additional devices. There is also a very good android implementation based on a combination of Tasker and sharpTools. You’ll find all of these and more discussed in the voice command solutions thread:

There’s also a popular community-built Alexa skill integration called AskAlexa which allows for custom utterances and query capability. The only problem is you have to be pretty technical to set it up and run it.

As far as what devices, I use mine mostly for control of lights, my home entertainment set up, and my Door lock. But smartthings is extremely flexible in which devices it can work with, so you’ll find a lot of variation in brands and models.

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Also wanted to mention that for people who use SmartThings, one of the most important features is that the status in SmartThings be preserved even if voice control is used. So if I ask echo or sharptools to turn off my lights, and then I open the SmartThings mobile app, the light status will be off.

This is important not just for visual clarity, but also because SmartThings uses an event subscription model where routines and automation rules can subscribe to, for example, a switch going on or off. So if SmartThings doesn’t know the correct status because a voice control method changed it, then other events may not happen correctly.

Reviving the thread. I see that the app still shows Smartthings integration coming soon. Any ETA?

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