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New Virtual Thermostat With Device


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Hi Eliot,

Thank you very much for your help. You have done a wonderful job!
I was able to adapt your Apps to control my boiler with Hive and with Danfoss LC-13 smart valve.
I am using your app but in a different way:

I have the Danfoss LC-13 smart valve and I am contyroling the boiler with Hive. These valve are “special”, in fact, they do not report back the temperature.
To be able to use it with the official supported DHT, i created a simulated switch for each Danfoss valve, and in WebCore I established some rules:

  • if the simulated switch is ON then the temp for the valve is 28 Celsius and

  • if the simulated switch is off the temperature for valve is 15 Celsius

  • if any simulated switch is ON , then the Hive Controler is set to 28 Celsius and

  • if all simulated Switches are off Hive Controller is set to 15 Celsius

After that, I used the simulated switch for creating the simulated thermostat in your App in conjuction with a temperature sensor in the same room with the smartvalve.
I have tested for 3 days and it is working fine, I am very happy, I can control each room temperature, and it is ActionTile compatibile, I can use also with Alexa.

Can I sugest you some improvements?

  1. The most important is to be able to select a smart valve instead of a switch (when the switch is ON to setheatpoint for valve to maximum and when the switch is off to setheatpoint for valve to maximum).

  2. To be able to control a real thermostat as a master thermostat which is controling the boiler

  3. To add a temperature variation for each temperature sensor (for example in one room I am using the window sensor to report the temperature, and ussualy the window temperature is less than room temperature with 2-3 celsius degrees, and it will be a nice feature to be able to set the room teperature as the window sensor temperature + 2 degrees celsius)


(Henrik Roksvaag) #84

Hi is there a way to increase temperature in the 0.5 interval and not just 1.0?

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this feature is called threshold in the device. Go to Smartthings app classic- The Automation TAB - SmartApps - Virtual Thermostat Manager. Over there you can see all your virtual Thermostat that you created. tap on one an d change the field called “Temperature Threshold” from default 1 to 0.5. After that dont forget to save in the top right corner. That is all


Is it possible to use this just as a temperature controller that can be used in webcore? I don’t want to link it to a device, I just want a way to edit my wanted max temperature.


@eliotstocker is it possible to add support for multiple contact sensors ? tnx

(Mike) #88

Can anyone recommend a smartapp to run schedules? i.e. turn on/off at specific times and set desired temp. I’ve not had much luck with any smartapps as yet. They all seem to specify cooling modes which doesn’t apply to this app. TIA

(Ron Talley) #89

You can use webCoRE to create your rules. It’s really easy to use once you get a hand on the terminology.

(Mike) #90

Thanks for the suggestion. However, I already use webcore and was hoping for something in a smartapp for flexibility and ease of use. It seems like such a simple thing, I’m surprised there’s nothing available. Maybe this will be my first smartapp! The routines are so close to achieving what I need, but there is no option to turn on the thermostat, only change the temp at a desired time.

(Ron Talley) #91

If time happens at x
Then with therm set temp

Repeat steps.

It’s that easy

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@Modrica You can create a virtual swich to be controlled by this app. After that you can setup some rules in WebCore or in the Automation in new version of Smartthings phone app. This rules are to mirror the state of virtual switch to a real switch device. In this way, you can control multiple real switches or contact sensors.

(Chris S.) #93

any way to add a basic schedule to this?

I have a Virtual Thermostat set to turn on a heater in our TV room in the basement but I only want it to monitor from like 3pm till midnight Mon-Fri. 9am till Midnight on Sat and Sun. Nobody is down there the rest of the time so no need to heat. but the door at the top of the stairs is always open so the cats can get to there food and bathrooms…

I have another VT setup to monitor the sunroom and I am using the door open sensor and this works great. but that door open is different than the basement so I cant use it as a heating switch. No other switch at the moment that I could use that would only be open during certain hours.