New version? Can not tell version number in iOS 11.0.1

After upgrading to iOS 11.0.1 I noticed smart things app has update but the new App Store doesn’t show versions. I already have 2.6.0 installed so not sure which version is pending.

I Don’t see post here describing any newer that 2.6.0, what is in this update?

Is there a way to show the version number in iOS11?
UPDATE: found you have to select the app icon to open details to see version numbers now. Seems it is version 2.7.0

Look under “more” (right hand side of menu at bottom) then support. The version is 2.7.0

Yea, I found it. Don’t know why Apple removed such critical info (version, size, date) from the app summary details.

Now it would be nice if SmartThings posted what has been changed in version 2.7.0 I still don’t see an official thread about this version update.

It used to be @slagle would put up release notes in the ‘Announcements’ category. Tim, is there somewhere else we should look? Thanks!

It has nothing to do with Apple. It’s SmartThings.

Have you tried iOS11 yet? All the apps on the store don’t display version/date/size in summary anymore. I am pretty sure that was apple’s change. You have to open details now to get this info.

Release notes will be put into the app store releases when they are released. They will not be put here. Mostly because they will be verbatim what they are in the store.

You can see the version under the about section in settings.

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OK thanks but honestly stuff like this isn’t very helpful.

  • Many bug fixes and other improvements.
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I confused it with the ST version. :wink: Yeap, totally agree with you on iOS 11.0.1 change.

@slagle If release notes are not posted here anymore then the devs really need to put better notes in the app store. 2.8.0 major update, not minor and yet release notes state only “General bug fixes and improvements”, not helpful at all. Of course it’s bug fixes and improvements, what else would it be? What was fixed? What improved?