New User with v2, lots of Q's

So I tried:

A GE/Jasco z-wave light switch to be turn on by a EcoLink z-wave motion detector using the Smart Lights app (i.e. you walk by the motion detector, the light turns on) This set-up runs locally on the V2 hub.

I also tried a GE/Switch z-wave light switch to be turned on by a Schlage z-wave door/window sensor using the Smart Lights app (i.e. you open the door, the light turns on). This set-up runs locally on the V2 hub.


The additional factor is going to be the exact device type used by each of the devices.

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Alright! Both of those replies are great and I thank you for clarifying that for me.

I can’t wait to get my hub so I can jump into this.

I’m New to HA but not to the electronics and languages.

First alert has a inexpensive connected CO/smoke alarm. I think that’s the only officially supported one but it’s excellent.

Anyone have any luck with an Ecolink Door Sensor or Aeon Siren running local only?

Gee , sounds like somebody had a Wink with it’s 30-45 second response. Open the front door and you are already in the kitchen at the back of the house before the front hall light comes on. I can say that exact scenario is what almost turned me off of home automation. had me giving serious consideration to cancelling my V2 order when I found out it was still mostly cloud based control. I did not want to give up the local control of my A+, I was spoiled by the 0.2 second response to commands.

That said, V2 should do exactly what you want. With Schlage Camelot lock as trigger and GE bulb in the fixture. The light is on before I can get my hand off of the lock when unlocked manually from the inside. On before my hand reaches the door knob when unlocked from the keypad outside. I’m using an unofficial community written driver for the locks.

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That is exactly what I’m looking for… That and a good autocorrect when I’m on my phone!

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@RLDreams, Which app are using for triggering light on unlock? The smartlighting app I was looking at has options only for contact sensors but not for lock activity… Thanks

Just the regular ST smart lighting app. Set the lock as trigger

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huh not sure how I missed the lock/unlock trigger! Complete oversight, thanks for pointing…

As it has been said several times, setup is not always all that intuitive .
I wound up with 2 rules Turn on hall lights when lock unlocks, and turn off hall lights when lock is locked. So far they are working fine.

I see people mention “virtual switch” all over the community. Can someone explain what that is and how you set it up and what is it usually used for? Thanks in advance!

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The IDE (integrated development environment) is a tool provided for people who want to write their own little programs for smart things, but it also gives you access as a regular customer to information about the devices that are connected to your smartthings network.

One of the things you can do in the IDE is to create a “virtual device.” This is a device that doesn’t exist in the real world, but that the network will treat as though it is real. Which means you can turn it on or off from other control mechanisms, like a program, or an outside service like IFTTT, or the Amazon echo.

There are many third-party devices which have limited integration with smart things. Most commonly, they are allowed to turn switches on and off. However, for security reasons, they may not be allowed to lock or unlock locks. And they usually don’t have access to smartthings control mechanisms like modes and routines.

By using a virtual switch you have the option of providing something that looks like a switch to one of these outside services, but telling smart things to use the action of that “switch” to trigger events within SmartThings.

They can also be useful for people writing programs for SmartThings. For example, some people use them to extend control over motion sensors, so that you can “turn off” a motion sensor with a manual command in the app, something you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to do.

I know that’s a long explanation, but I hope it helps explain what virtual switches are.

As far as how you set them up, see the F a Q:


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[quote=“compliance, post:15, topic:22478”]
. I can’t currently share my account so my wife can operate our home on her phone
[/quote]Hopefully it’s coming right around the corner. I agree it’s a real bummer and I believe it was possible with V1 so I can only assume the feature just couldn’t make it for the Sept 10 release of the new app. The UI is there but we end up with This feature is coming soon when clicking Done.

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