New user when to instal a device handler?

Hi All,
I am a new st use If i have a z-wave device that needs a device handler do you install the before you add the thing

I am pretty new to this also. I don’t believe you have to install the handler right away. The device handler lets Smartthings IDE know how to manipulate the device. I would suggest you pair the item and then update the handler when you can. Again I am new so I may not know what I am talking about.

It really doesn’t matter much.

Sometimes it’s easier to install the device handler first and then pair and most of the time the association will be made.

Other times even though you installed the DH first and then did the pairing you still have to go into the IDE and change the device handler.

In the end I’ve done it both ways and never seen any difference in how things work. I generally just pair the device and then go looking for a DH or two or three and then try them and see which works best.

I generally publish the device handler first, then pair the device, for this reason.


if you can, do it first in case the handler has some special code around configuration when pairing.


@prjct92eh2 nailed it correctly, in most cases it won’t matter but for the best experience and compatibility it’s better to install the DTH first and then pair the device.
Again it depends a lot on how the handler is written and whether it was designed to handle initial setup during pairing, but assuming the DTH was written well, it’s better to pair it first and it should also automatically pick the custom handler when paired.

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