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New member to the community, I just wanted to say hello. I have a brand new house I finished building in Jan 2019. I’ve been deployed since sept19.

I’ve been researching things to smarten up the home. Decided on smartthings, I’ve already placed an order for Inovelli red switches. I have a shlage lock, Honeywell tstat suntouch heated floors. All wifi or zwave. Most of my appliances are wifi also.

I’ll look into some zigbee bulbs on other sensors so add.

In any case, this site is a wealth of info and I want to thank everyone in advance.


Welcome. What’s the lock model and thermostat model?

Thank you. The lock model is the schlage connect zwave. The honey well on the other hand I can’t remember. I’m not home so I am unable to check. But, I may swap it out at a later date if it doesn’t play nice.

I’ve also been researching undercabinet lighting. I used the old halogen pucks in my old house, they were nice and bright. I have to find a suitable smart solution in LED.

Welcome to the community. You will find a lot of helpful people here. Thank you for your service!

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That’s a very good lock, just a note that the battery reporting is not accurate and it’s recommended to change them when they hit about 50-60% for best performance and to avoid sudden lock outs. Its’ explained here in more detail.

You’ll also benefit significantly from adding a buffering device between the lock and the hub. See this topic for details: FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?

Your lock may have special features like one touch locking, built in alarms, audio and privacy modes which can be controlled using an enhanced device handler like one. There’s a built in guest lock app to program users. If you’re looking something more reliable and comprehensive you can check out the LUM app.

Your thermostat (if it’s a T6) also may have many unique features like limiting max heat/min cool setpoints, filter reminders, humidity and much more which can access through SmartThings using this enhanced zwave thermostat device handler if you have access to rboy apps. There are ton of apps available to create custom thermostats schedules, use your motion sensors to turn on/off thermostat to save energy, modes and much more. You can even use remote sensors with your thermostats to expand it’s use and make it more like the more expensive EcoBee thermostats all from within SmartThings.

Check out the Wiki pages for FAQ’s which has a ton of information available. ZigBee and Zwave each has advantages depending your setup. Check out this FAQ on zigbee interference reduction techniques: FAQ: Networking and Reducing Channel interference between WiFi and Zigbee

Hope this helps.


Welcome aboard! This community is freaking AWESOME! I’ve accomplished “things” that I thought were only reserved for the more fortunate.

FYI, if @RBoy or @JDRoberts gives you advice, take it.

P.S. Your switch selection shows that you have done your research. You are WAYYY ahead of the game with the Red switches. I have about 50 or so of the GE and I’ve already replaced a handful of them with the Reds. By far, the functionality they offer trumps the competition.


Wow, some awesome information here. I will definitely take the advise and look into the lock information. I’m no stranger to tech, just new to smart home so I’ll have to study up.

And yes, I have been reading and watching reviews on the switches and other devices. I’ve had some down time, days lol. I was all set to to pull the trigger on GE/jasco, but found that after more research i liked what inovelli had to offer better.

I’ll still use the GE for fan control and the dumb switches in my 3 and 4 way arrangements. Mainly because my family is still used to dimming from all locations.

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Welcome to the community! Congrats on the new house! :smiley:


Hey @Liquidh8 welcome to the community and congrats on the house!

We appreciate it and if you need any help getting setup, let us know. We all use SmartThings (and the office runs on it too) so we’re happy to help.

Have a great day and again, congrats on starting your journey!

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Thanks again everyone! I’ll attack the setup of everything when I return home from my deployment. Still no date, but not till june at the earliest.

My inovelli switches showed up already, so they’ll be waiting for me when I get home. I have to buy the smartthings hub and a few GE companion 3/4 way switches yet.


Good day, I am back from deployment, and I have started getting the house smart. I bought the st hub, and have installed most of my inovelli red dimmers.

I am having issues with a dimmer in one room. It is a 3 way setup, controlling 4 recessed led lights. The switch just shuts off. Ive tried 3 different dimmers, a different dumb switch, deleted and added the switch, the wiring is correct, and i have a nuetral.

I’m at a loss.