New User - Phone App Fails on Setup (Thanks Screen Keeps Appearing)

Using the Android App, created an account, it then gives me a “Thanks” screen, I click “Next” and then in a repeats for about 5 times with the Thanks/Next screens, then it fails at the Dashboard with a grayed out + in the middle, can not select it. Click the option button at the top left and all selections are grayed out? Full cache clear on phone, uninstall, reboot and reinstall, same issue.

Tried to logon online at the api/developers site and delete the account or to change the email to start over, but no such options available.

I left Wink for lack of support (never got one returned email request, besides automated, spent 2 hours waiting on the phone one day, but got a full refund and told to keep the gear for free), looks like ST’s efforts are no better. I had a Wink Hub/Account up and working in less than 10 minutes with 3 GE Bulbs, 2 switches, 1 appliance module and a MyQ Garage Door Opener, all was perfect except Wink has trouble getting instant status from the switches and the module, all else is 100%. The new GE LED Bulbs are a charm for under $15 with dimmer features included, status always correct.

Setup issues right out of the box with the ST, and no way to get any timely support. Live Chat Disabled, No Live Phone Support, only option is 1-2 day tag team email responses from multiple different reps.

Not a great 1st impression…