New user of...everything. Asking advice for whole system plan (security, automation, voice, etc)

Okay friendly folks, I am getting a bit overwhelmed and could use some help from those that already have the knowledge.

I would like to get a SmartThings hub for overall automation, but want a monitored DIY security system such as Simplisafe, Link, etc. Ideally, I’d like ST to be able to at least read the state of the security system if not be able to see the individual sensors for other IFTTT triggers.

Overall, SimpliSafe appeared as the winner since the recent v3 update, but as I understand it, that update also broke any community interactions/apps and there’s no current road map on the horizon.

Outside of the security aspect, I’d like to use our older Nest thermostat, get a new TV with Google Assistant support, and then Google Home. Does any of this seem like it might cause a problem?

Thank you in advance.

Any reason you’re not considering the smartthings/ADT security system? Unlike the other SmartThings model lines, it does not depend on the Internet for notifications, and it does have a month to month monitoring option which is pretty competitive with the other ones that you mentioned. It seems like a decent low-end security option, and it has The same home automation options of all the other smartthings hubs. The security features are somewhat protected from the potential unreliability of the cloud-based home automation side, but you can definitely read the security sensors and include them in your home automation rules in case you want to have lights come on or doors lock or unlock, etc.

The price has come down significantly in the last few months for the equipment, and there are some black Friday sales right now as well which you can see in the deal section of the forum.

If you follow any of the links on the SmartThings site to “security” it will now take you to that Model line. It does have cellular communications with the ADT monitoring center, so that’s a good thing.

You can talk to people who are using it in the following thread (this is a clickable link)

And the deals category: