New user, need advice from one place

(Mark) #1

Hi. I just bought the starter pack, and have a few questions. Some I guess I can find the answers to if I look on the forums, but was hoping someone can do them all in one go!

So, first. I would like to add a camera and smoke alarm. Can you recommend a good first for this system? Second, there are 3 of us in the house, can I get the other 2 people to install the App and link to my hub so when their mobiles arrive home the alarms will deactivate and not send ‘false’ alerts to me at work? Third, I have seen other people mention “set the doors to lock automatically when I go to bed” ~ how is this function working / what devices do you think they are using? 4th, I just can’t seem to set the time on the app. It’s always 1 hour ahead despite me telling it I am I the UK. Finally, as I just got the starter kit I am looking for something to trigger when an outdoor gate opens, can anyone recommend a device that is suitable for outdoor use similar to the open sensor that comes in the starter pack? Very finally, are there any cool devices to link to my hub that others have bought and tried, something a bit different? Thanks for your time for reading. Mark.

(Matt) #2

Adding users is currently broke in v2, It worked in v1 and there is talk they are making improvement for v2. The short answer is yes you can do this but it’s currently broke.

You can do this many of ways. The easiest is create a routine for “bedtime” and you can have that routine do things like turn lights off and lock doors.

If you’re sure your info is set correctly email they should be able to correct whatever is wrong.

I’d say get a cheap open/close sensor like the monoprice one and waterproof it, however your’e in the UK so your options may be limited. Maybe someone else can offer advice.

The search function on this forum can provide lots of info. I’ll admit, it means you have to do some reading but many of your questions have been answered numerous times.

(Mark) #3

Ok thank you for your time. Some reading needed it seems, and will look out for the broke part as that, right now, is the most useful! Thanks!

(Matt) #4

Enjoy! I’m sure you’ll love the product and the abilities.

When stuff isn’t working right it’s frustrating, but I don’t know how to function when I can’t tell Alexa what to do.