New user - first impressions (not good)

I recently set up my SmartThings system and have found the product overall to be really shaky. I’m only using devices that are on the compatible devices list. So far, I have:

  • two 3-way Jasco switches
  • two standalone Jasco switches
  • two multi sensors
  • one motion sensor
  • one appliance module

Overall, the system is really unstable. The appliance sensor won’t pair – it freezes up the system and the only way I can recover is to unplug the hub and plug it back in.
The 3-way switches work…some of the time. Then other times they refuse to turn off.
Sometimes, the switches work when I access them through Things, but if I try to control them via Dashboard, it doesn’t do anything.

Yes, I’ve contacted support and they’re trying to help me. I guess my question is: am I doing something obviously wrong? This feels like beta quality stuff at best. I’m really hoping I’m doing something wrong, but the system seems pretty idiot proof, so I can’t imagine what it is.

Any suggestions?

OK, so as a follow up, the SmartThings support folks helped me straighten things out. There were a handful of things that they did, so I’m not sure exactly what solved it, but one thing that seems to have contributed to my instability is the fact that I left an unpaired appliance switch plugged in. They explained that could confuse other switches who were trying to use it as part of their mesh network.

So, posting this here in the hopes it helps someone else troubleshooting down the road.