New user - Fibaro motion sensors locking up

I’ve been using ST for only 3-4 months, but my Fabaro sensors seem to be locking up, or going offline, at an alarming rate. I’m trying to work through the problem with no repeatable success. I’m up to date on everything I can think of with no success. I’Ve had 5 of 8 sensors now lock. I can’t remove or replace them, removing the batteries don’t help, repairing the z-wave every half hour doesn’t help, waiting days on end for things to stabilize doesn’t help, and deleting the associates apps doesn’t help.

I don’t want to sound all negative in my first post…I figured out first how to add smart apps, how to install GitHub and CoRE, how to write a simple piston, how to add Alexa and more, so I’m not here to bash ST. I just want my HA system to turn my lights on and off.