New user - completely lost


I’ve just received my SmartThings starter kit today and i’ve got to say I’m completely lost at the moment.

I’ve got the hub and iPhone app setup ok and i’ve linked the presence sensor to the hub so I thought it would be a good time to have a play around to see how things work. To start with I wanted to try something simple, when I leave the house (with the presence sensor) send an email. When I arrive at the house send another email. I can’t even figure out how to do this simple thing. Can anyone help?

Some more general questions.

  1. Modes. How do I rename,delete and add modes I can’t find anywhere to do this?
  2. Where do I go to see the battery level of the presence sensor?
  3. I’m sat here playing with the app and notice that sometimes the presence sensor is listed as away but then later changed back to Present, what’s going on here?
  4. In the My Home section I can see a “Things” section and a “Family” section but they both show the same information. I was expecting just to see a list of people in the family section but instead i’m seeing a copy of my things which in my case is my phone and presence sensor.
  5. How does Smartthings work with the Amazon Echo, do I need to download a skill to the echo, what can I do with the echo and smartthings?

Eventually I want to get some hue bulbs so I can have lots of clever things happening with them but at the moment i’m limited to the stuff that came with the starter kit and an Amazon Echo.

Appreciate any help. Thanks

Start here


If the only " thing " you added is the presence sensor, than yes it will be shown both as a thing and as a " family member"

ST does push notification and SMS notification. No native email notification.

You said it is listed in your " Things" select/open it and it will show the current battery level .

If it is the only device you have, you have no mesh to maintain the signal strength. In SHN set the time delay for seeing as left to 10 minutes to ( help) stop false alarms.

If you only have a presence sensor Alexa skill will not do anything, but yes in Alexa skills turn on SmartThings Skill, follow the directions.

Read @JDRoberts articles linked above by @E_Sch

I will check out the Welcome FAQ Thanks.

The second link mentions that editing and adding modes was removed September 2016 which may have been down to a bug or glitch. If that’s the case why after all this time hasn’t this been reintroduced? Has anything been said about this?

OK to test this out I created a new routine called test and set the automatically perform test when Everyone Leaves option. Even though I don’t want this to trigger when everyone leaves is this still the correct option to pick if its just for certain people? I selected the push notification switch and also the send text message option but neither are working. As I mentioned the sensor has been changing between present and not present but nothing happens between state change.

Yeah I clicked the thing many times but I didn’t see any battery level. Under the speaker icon I could only see - - but now after a few hours the battery level has started to show up so it must take a while for that to kick in.

SHN? Under the Everyone leaves section the Action delay time is already set to 10 minutes, is this the option you’re talking about or is there another setting I need to change?

Thanks for your help.

Yes, click on “everyone” then it will give you the option to choose who to include in everyone. With only 1 sensor, you will only have 1 choice.

That should have been SHM (SmartHomeMonitor) dam fat fingers. Yes you selected the right 10 minutes.

So how do I get it to send me an sms message when I leave the house? I thought using the settings I described above would work but guess not.

Also when you click the routine shouldn’t this run it? I thought this might be a quick way to test out routines without having to keep running outside?