New to ST SmartApp Help

I am new to ST and still a novice. I have successfully created (copied) a DH for a button and then added it as a device successfully. That’s the extent of my knowledge besides just adding and controlling devices in ST such as switches and dimmers.

Now I want to control my alarm with ST. I currently use Total Connect 2.0. I have found a thread that sounds like it will do exactly what I want (control alarm state depending on ST mode) with a SmartApp. It has code to copy (like the DH did) for creating the SmartApp, but, I don’t know how to implement it and make it work. Can someone help me with the necessarily steps to create SmartApp using the code?

Here is the link to the code. It is #1 “SmartApp based on modes/Smart Home Monitor Status” New App: Integration with HoneyWell TotalConnect Alarm & Monitoring System



Take a look here…

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Thank you. I worked through it step by step (very easy) and seemed to have success installing the SmartApp, but, nothing happens when my mode changes… :thinking:

At least I know how to create one now, no different than the DH I installed.