New to SmartThings, What Do I Need to Know?

( i’ve moved this to projects so you can get answers specific to your own interests and setup. )

CoRE is basically a scripting language for SmartThings. Since you have a technical background, you should find it very interesting: (this is a clickable link)

In addition, you’d probably find the following Welcome FAQ helpful:

The community – created wiki also has quick browse lists of project reports that should give you some ideas. In particular the “get started” list and the “impress your friends” list are fun to look at:

That should cover most of the basics of how the platform works.

As far as specific device classes, you might also take a look at the device class features FAQ:

For someone with your technical background, my only suggestion would be to start with two devices to begin with: one sensor and then probably a light. It could be a smart bulb or a smart switch. Sensor activation is where home automation really adds new functionality over just existing convenience cases. And SmartThings is particularly good at letting you control how you use that sensor information, as you’ll see as you start to look at core.

Alternatively, you can choose a specific problem that you want to solve and just work on that. There are many different ways to begin with home automation.

Anyway, looking at the project reports in the wiki will probably give you the best sense of what projects you might want to tackle first. Have fun! :sunglasses: