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New to Smartthings, trouble with Yale T1L locks

(Ryan Koski) #1

Hello I just purchased Smartthings in replacement of a Nexia hub, and I am having issues using my new Yale TL1 locks with it. Here are the locks in quesstion:

I have two of these locks (so far), and both worked correctly with the Nexia bridge. I was able to add both locks to ST without issue, and both show up in the app as locks. The issue is the locks seem to be completely unresponsive to ST. They always show a status of locked (regardless of actual status) and lock/unlock commands always do nothing.

Please help as I need to determine if ST is viable without changing my locks while I’m still in my return period. Thank you!



I had very similar issues until I moved a few of my other devices around in order to get a repeater that supported beaming close to the lock. In my case, I had two plug-in switches that were just running table lamps. One supported beaming, and one didn’t. I just swapped them so that the beaming one was in a position to let the signal turn the corner and reach the door. That took care of the status issues.

Typically any device which plugs in (is not battery-powered) can act as a repeater for Zwave, but not all devices support zwave beaming, which is what door locks usually need. can help you figure out what’s going on.

One test you can do for yourself is to move the hub to about 15 feet in a straight line from the door. If they can talk to each other then, you probably just need a beaming repeater. (The hub itself supports beaming.)

The following article explains more about repeaters, but it doesn’t mention the beaming issue. Everything is the same, it’s just that you have to make sure that there are enough devices that support beaming along the path to your door.

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(Cody Truscott) #3

I’ll second the need for more devices to create a healthy mesh network between the Yale locks and the hub. It’s a beefy all metal lock and I suspect it doesn’t have the strongest signal.


(Ryan Koski) #4

Ok guys, thanks for the tips! I got some progress and I think your observation of needing more zwave devices is spot on based on my testing.

First thing I did was move the hub close to each lock and remove and re-add each. This seemed to have fixed a ton (first time I added I didn’t move the hub close because I was lazy). Now the locks work as intended IF the hub is close. When I move the hub back to it’s permanent location, I can get the closer lock to function, but the further lock is dead to ST still.

I’m planning on adding a bunch more zwave devices (mostly light switches), so I’ll give that a shot before doing anything drastic.

Again, thanks for the help guys!




Remember that to relay messages intended for locks, the devices in the sequence can’t be just any zwave device. They have to be zwave devices that support “beaming.”

If you check the “conformance statement” for any device on the official zwave alliance site it will tell you if the device supports beaming.

That doesn’t have to be all your devices, there just has to be a path of beaming devices between the hub and the lock.