New to SmartThings - Transitioned from Wink

With the Wink, there was a way to group all objects into a named group such as Kitchen. You could then increase or decrease the brightness of all objects within the Kitchen group. I am sure there is a way to do with the ST but it might require an app or something of the sort. I am using the GE Link bulbs and they work fine, but it would be great to universally set all lights in my kitchen to 50% or 100% as opposed to doing each one individually.

You could do this with Smart Lighting or get a little more in depth and use Rule Machine (which will be great if you begin to use items other than lights and want control).

Smart Lighting can be found by going into the Marketplace, clicking on SmartApps up top, and looking under Lights and Switches (or under SmartThings Recommends I think, too)

+1 for rule machine.