New to SmartThings, Routine question about Bose

(Robert) #1

Trying to learn how to set / control a Bose Soundtouch scene.
What I want to be able to do is
a) Turn on the Soundtouch (working)
b) Set the channel #6
c) Set the volume to 30%

Now I can manually do all of the above from the app, but I’d like to have the Routine be triggered when I want and adjust the settings.

Just moved to SmartThings From IRIS, and am seeing much more potential with this platform.

(Robin) #2

I’m assuming when you say you can control the Bose manually via the app you mean the ST App?

If this is the case, depending on how the Bose device handler (in the ST IDE) is designed, you should be able to call on the different features using CoRE.

You can setup a CoRE Piston to trigger when a routine executes.

In actions, select your Bose device and then you may see custom commands for the device indicated with little triangles.

Worth a try!!

(Robert) #3

Thanks, going to have some reading tonight after work.