New to smartthings: IR Home Theatre Integration?

Roomie Remote has Roomie->SmartThings commands (like turn on a light, etc.) and SmartThings->Roomie triggers (turn on your lights/TV when motion is detected by ST, etc.). We announced triggers from ST->Roomie in December and Roomie->ST came out in the main app a few weeks ago. ST->Roomie triggers requires something running on your network (so that triggers can occur when the app is not running) such as Roomie Agent which exists for OS X now and Android in the next week or two. Roomie Remote itself is currently for iOS.

Probably unlike a large number of integrations, we created and maintain the ST integration ourselves – including the ST-specific Groovy bits – and it is directly integrated in the app and agents, so we’re eminently capable of fixing/improving it as needed.

I use SmartThings at home. (And I started Roomie.) Despite needing to work with countless automation systems, it’s safe to say I keep a close eye on ST and it is my personal choice for now.